Service Packages

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Intelife: Service for 29.99 Per Month


  • Intelife---Money-Down
    $0 Down
  • Intelife---Installation
    $0 Installation Fee
  • Intelife---Savings
    Save on Insurance and Utilities
  • Intelife---Ten-Day-Guarantee
    10 Day Money Back Guarantee


  • Intelife - 24/7 Monitoring
    24/7 Monitoring
  • Intelife - Thermostat Control
    Thermostat Control
  • Intelife - Intrusion
  • Intelife - Energy Management
    Energy Management
  • Intelife - Fire and CO2
    Fire and CO2
  • Intelife - Video Access
    Video Access
  • Intelife - Medical
  • Intelife - Live Stream
    Live Stream
  • Intelife - APP Control
    APP Control
  • Intelife - Cloud Video Storage
    Cloud Video Storage
  • Intelife - Notifications and Alerts
    Notifications and Alerts
  • Intelife - Video Doorbell
    Video Doorbell
  • Intelife - GSM Communication
    GSM Communication
  • Intelife - Smart Outlet
    Smart Outlet
  • Intelife - Hardware Warranty
    Hardware Warranty
  • Intelife - Amazon Echo - Alexa
    Amazon Echo - Alexa
  • Intelife - Lighting Control
    Lighting Control
  • Intelife - Garage Door Control
    Garage Door Control
  • Intelife - Lock Control
    Lock Control
  • Intelife - Flood and Water
    Flood and Water